May 2016


Notification was received by post on Thursday 19th May that the long-awaited planning application to extract sand and gravel on Aldborough Hatch and Hainault Farms has been deposited with Redbridge Council. We have 21 days – UNTIL 9TH JUNE – to submit objections. The area of Aldborough Hatch Farm to be excavated is bordered by St. Peter’s Church and Close, Oaks Lane, the Central Line, Fairlop Waters and Aldborough Road North. At Hainault Farm, the area will be close to residential properties.

Brett Tarmac held locally an exhibition and an information session from which it was clear that major disturbance to our way of life in Aldborough Hatch will occur for a minimum of eight years. The excavations will come far too close to the Grade II Listed St. Peter’s Church and Aldborough Hatch Chapel, and the Locally Listed Barns, and to homes in St. Peter’s Close and Oaks Lane. Bridleway 94 to Barkingside will be diverted towards the Central Line over an area of grassland and hedges that will be secluded from view and a serious security risk. A haul road will be constructed skirting Fairlop Waters and the Aldborough Hall Equestrian Centre, cutting across a permissive footpath to Fairlop Waters with no safety measures in place to protect those using the footpath, including walkers, cyclists and students from nearby schools accessing the lake. The road surface will ensure that dust clouds will rise every time an open-topped vehicle drives along. There is serious concern about the possible damage to the Listed Buildings and also the effect the dust and noise will have on children at the Busy Bodies Pre-School Nursery, of whom some 47% suffer from respiratory and other illnesses.

Below are the links to the planning application (reference 2089/16) on the Council's website. The documents for this application number 45 in total and are very large, so we have also added a second link where we have collated them into a single ZIP file for you (although this is still some 150MB in size!).

The Association's submisision is currently being worked upon and will be handed out at the Public Meeting on 2nd June - it will then be posted in full on this website.

We must fight this unwanted and unwarranted intrusion with every
means possible for it will affect every family in Aldborough Hatch!

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