March 2016


The following is feedback from the Association following the Consultation Exhibition on 25th February 2016. We have collated reactions and comments from members and residents in compiling this feedback

This feedback was submitted to Brett Tarmac on Friday 4th March, but has only, to date, received a generic email response. I had hoped that I might have received something indicating that the points we have raised are being examined and will be responded to, but, as this has not happened, I believe the feedback should now be made public in its entirety.

Ron Jeffries


1. Stand-off – Areas E and F

Whilst no precise measurements were given on the maps displayed for the stand-off from both residential premises and Grade II Listed and Locally Listed buildings, it would appear that stand-off varies from 100 metres down to 25 metres – the latter applying to the area of the Locally Listed Barns on Aldborough Hatch Farm and the Grade II Listed Barn on Hainault Farm.

It is the overwhelming view of residents that a stand-off of 150 metres must apply to all buildings. You stated that 100 metres was non-negotiable. Please comment following meeting with residents at the exhibition.


2. Stand-off – Area D

The maps on display showed that the stand-off on Area D with houses in Applegarth Drive was 150 metres but that as the excavation area moved eastwards towards homes in Bawdsey Avenue the stand-off was less than 150 metres. The planning application for Area D was clear in that it stated that a stand-off of 150 metres applied to all homes in both Applegarth Drive and Bawdsey Avenue. The fact that this was not the case and that a shorter stand-off was permitted makes very clear that Redbridge Council failed to monitor the situation and did not take action when there was a breach of the planning permission granted. This issue is being referred to Ward Councillors for their investigation.


3. Pumping water from Area E to Area D

At the exhibition there was seemingly a conflict of information regarding this. One member was informed that water would be pumped around the Aldborough Hall Equestrian Centre whilst another was informed that water would be pumped through a culvert under Aldborough Road North to the current slurry pits/scrape at the North West corner of Area D – inside the hedge on the corner of Painters Road and Aldborough Road North. Which is correct? If the latter is the case, then the planning permission granted requiring restoration being completed by December 2016 will be breached. Please comment.


4. Bentonite Wall

(a) Please confirm that the Bentonite Wall will be constructed on the North, East and West sides of Area E.

(b) The Wall being built along the North side of Area E will have to cross Bridleway 94. Does this mean that the diversion of Bridleway 94 will have to take place immediately prior to the installation of the wall and if so, for how long will Bridleway 94 be diverted?


5. Diversion of Bridleway 94

(a) The exhibition map showed the route that will be taken by the diverted Bridleway 94, extending this by some 650 metres. Was this raised by other residents at the exhibition and if so what was your response?

(b) At what stage in the six years of excavations will this happen?

(c) Your representative seemed unaware that Bridleway 94 has vehicular access. What materials will be used in any construction and strengthening of the diverted Bridleway?

(d) Your representative was unaware of the steep gradient on the northern and southern sections of the diverted Bridleway. Has this been investigated and with what result?

(e) We were shown the diversion running parallel with Oaks Lane with a gate at the point where Chase Lane starts; it will run parallel with the Central Line and follow the fence east along what was the Parks Department area to re-join the Bridleway south from Fairlop Waters. It was suggested by your representative that shorter route could be used with the permission of Redbridge Council and Barkingside Football Ground. Has this been investigated and what was the outcome?

(f) One resident was informed that the stretch of Bridleway 94 from Aldborough Hatch Farm to Fairlop Waters will be open (and not be diverted) until excavation commences to the west of the Bridleway and that the east side will be fenced. How tall with the fencing be and what materials will be used in its construction?

(g) Most of the diverted Bridleway will be secluded with risks to the safety of those who walk, drive of cycle. What steps will you take to alleviate the risks?


6. Haul Road from Bridleway 94 and around the North of Aldborough Hall Equestrian Centre to link with the conveyor belt in Painters Road

(a) Two different versions were given to different members as to the construction of the roadway. One member was told that there would be a hard-core sub-base with a Tarmac-like top - which would be easy to maintain and to control dust. Another member was informed that the Tarmac-like surface will only be put down at the crossing with the Permissive Footpath from the Equestrian Centre to Fairlop Waters and not for the entire length of the roadway. Which is correct?

(b) How will this roadway be fenced? Will the fencing run the entire length or just at the crossing with the Permissive Footpath?

(c) We understand that there is to be a 10mph speed limit on the haul road and that traffic will be dual directional. Also that there will be a priority crossing point where the roadway is intersected with the permissive footpath with a traffic management system. Please confirm there will be gates at the crossing which will be closed at night for security to prevent access to the gravel workings. Please confirm that this crossing will not be manned during working hours and the reasons why?

(d) Are you aware that the permissive footpath is used daily throughout the year by students from the William Torbitt School, walkers and cyclists? Are you satisfied that safety precautions are adequate?

(e) It was stated that drivers of the trucks would only stop as necessary at the crossing. Are you satisfied that this is safe?


7. Dust pollution

(a) Residents whose homes are near Area D have stated that dust control has been almost non-existent throughout its operation to date. What improvements, if any, do you propose making for dust control on Areas E and F?

(b) How do you propose controlling dust from open-backed vehicles travelling along the haul road?

(c) One representative informed a member that the gravel extracted would always be wet. Is this correct?

(d) Open-backed vehicles bringing infill onto the site might contain materials that are dusty. How would you control dust from flying off onto users of the golf course, the footpath in Fairlop Waters, the Equestrian Centre and the Permissive Footpath, many of whom will be children?


8. Professional assessments

(a) We were advised that independent professional baseline assessments will be carried out at the expense of Brett Tarmac of the Grade II Listed St. Peter’s Church, Aldborough Hatch Chapel and the Barn on Hainault Farm, and the Locally Listed Barns on Aldborough Hatch Farm. Will these assessments form part of the planning application as supportive documents and therefore available to the public?

(b) Will monitoring of all Listed Buildings be continuous throughout the course of the excavations and restoration – and for how many years after works cease?

(c) Please confirm that the process you will put in place to alert the church authorities, both locally and at Diocesan level, should the monitoring raise concerns. Will the Priest-in-Charge and the Churchwardens of St. Peter’s Church be given access to the monitoring readings? What will the monitoring intervals be?

(d) Please confirm that a similar process of monitoring will be put in hand for the owners of the other Grade II and Locally Listed Buildings.


9. Recharge trench

(a) Will the recharge trench and the two water bore holes to be sited between the excavations and St. Peter’s Church be monitored and by whom? Will there be a system in place to notify the Priest-in-Charge, the Churchwardens and the Diocese of any changes as in 8(c) above?

(b) How will the trench be fenced?

(c) In Figure 4 of the Hydrology notes, it would appear that the recharge trench will remain in place after the land has been restored for agricultural use. Is this correct and if so, why is thus?

(d) Please confirm that recharge trenches will be installed at the Grade II Aldborough Hatch Chapel and the Grade II Barn at Hainault Farm and the Locally Listed Barns on Aldborough Hatch Farm and that similar arrangements will be made for monitoring as in (a) above.

(e) What steps will be taken to minimise the noise from pumps running 24 hours a day and will back-up pumps be in place should there be a breakdown?


10. Timescale

Residents were advised that the excavations and restoration of Areas E and F will take 8 to 9 years in total. Area D took longer than forecast (6 years to 14!) due – we were told - to the recession and staff cuts. Please confirm that there will be sufficient infill from the London house building programme and other sources? What other sources do you expect to use for infill?


11. Mud on the roads

Problems have arisen in the past with mud on the roads. Assurances were given that roads are swept regularly. Please confirm the cleaning arrangements you will put in place and that these will form part of the planning application?


12. Security

Please confirm the security arrangements you will put in place for Area E, during both day and night time.


13. Area D – Bridleway

Drawing F10/PL09/0X shows the Proposed Permissive Route –Bridleway. Is this ‘permissive’ or ‘adopted’?


14. Restoration of Area E

(a) Area E is to be restored for agricultural use, but drawing F10/PL09/05 shows conservation grassland and two ponds/wetlands. Is this in error and if not why are they specified?

(b) Restoration drawing F10/PL09/05 shows two new hedgerows but no reinstatement of the existing hedgerow. Is this in error?


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