June 2016


Some 100 residents packed St. Peter’s Church Halls on Thursday 2nd June to hear their MP, London Assembly Member and Ward Councillors give their unequivocal and unswerving support to the Aldborough Hatch Defence Association’s ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign to stop further sand and gravel extraction near their homes.

Developers Brett Tarmac have submitted a planning application to Redbridge Council to excavate on Aldborough Hatch and Hainault Farms within a few metres of homes and the Grade II Listed buildings of St. Peter’s Church and Aldborough Hatch Chapel.

Said the Revd. Kate Lovesey, Priest-in-Charge, St. Peter’s Church: “Both the church and chapel are built on mud without the protection of modern foundations. Any change in the water table puts these and many homes nearby at serious risk, a risk which Redbridge Council – and as a result, Council Tax payers - would have to bear. It would be madness for this work to go ahead.”

Ron Jeffries, Chairman of the Aldborough Hatch Defence Association, said: “Residents were shocked to learn that the Bridleway to Barkingside is to be diverted over an additional 600 metres to a secluded area near the Central Line, screened by high hedges. In recent years this was the scene of a murder, a rape and three sexual assaults. We are requesting the police to carry out a risk assessment and unless they can be satisfied as to the safety of walkers and cyclists to call on the Council to reject the planning application.

“A pre-school day nursery meets on five days a week in the church halls – 50 metres from the application site. Some 47% of the 65 children suffer from hearing or respiratory conditions with support from the Council’s children’s services. The dust and the vibration and noise of pumps running 24/7 will impact adversely on the children – something that the Council’s Mineral Local Plan makes crystal clear is a reason to reject the planning application. A haul road will skirt the leisure facilities at Fairlop Waters, the Aldborough Hall Equestrian Centre and a footpath used by walkers, cyclists and school children, throwing up dust and dirt, with no safety measures in place when the footpath crosses the route of open topped vehicles. These are serious dangers. The decision to accept or reject the allocation lies with elected Councillors, who would be well advised to throw the application out on health and safety grounds alone. Failure to do so for the small amount of monetary gain involved would be a betrayal of trust which residents will not forget.”

Wes Streeting MP and Ward Councillor for Aldborough endorsed unconditionally the Association’s nine-point objection to the planning application. He was supported by Redbridge Councillor and London Authority Member Keith Prince and Ward Councillors Debbie Kaur-Thiera and John Howard. All four addressed the meeting, promising to work closely with residents in persuading Councillors to reject the application to enable residents from all parts of the Borough to continue to enjoy the open countryside on their doorsteps. Their support was welcomed by residents who were heartened by the fact that our elected representatives gave their total backing to the ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign.

Below are the links to the planning application (reference 2089/16) on the Council's website. The documents for this application number 45 in total and are very large, so we have also added a second link where we have collated them into a single ZIP file for you (although this is still some 150MB in size!).

The Association's submisision has now been submitted to the Council, and you can read it - in full - here.

If you wish to submit you own objection, please, please do so!

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