February 2016


Residents in Aldborough Hatch are devastated to learn that a consultation exhibition regarding sand and gravel extraction on their doorsteps is to be held outside their home area. Brett Tarmac informed Councillors, but not residents, that the venue is to be a football ground in Barkingside and not a hall near where the affected residents live.


Wes Streeting, MP for Ilford North, with fellow Aldborough Ward
Councillors Debbie Kaur-Thiera and John Howard (seen standing in front of the St. Peter’s Church noticeboard), joined with residents who are appalled at Brett Tarmac staging a consultation exhibition outside Aldborough Hatch at a football ground.

Residents without cars would have to either walk the mile or so along Bridleways 93 and 94 or travel by two buses or one bus and a Central Line train. Many are elderly, some have young children and to stage an exhibition far from the homes of those who would be affected by the dust and noise if this project goes ahead has been described by one former Ward Councillor as ‘diabolical’. It is treating residents with total contempt.

Residents need to meet with representatives of Brett Tarmac to make plain their total opposition to any planning application that would bring gravel workings near their homes. The Association’s ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Campaign has the public backing of Wes Streeting MP and his fellow Ward Councillors, Debbie Kaur-Thiera and John Howard who have agreed to join with the Association in resisting the proposed excavations.

The dust and noise will affect the children at the Pre-School Nursery meeting in St. Peter’s Church Halls – a few metres from the diggings. Students of the local primary school walk past the site on their way to Fairlop Waters outdoor facilities. St. Peter’s Church and the Aldborough Hatch Chapel are both Grade II Listed Buildings. The church was built in 1862 without proper foundations and, in the view of experts who attended a similar exhibition in 2011, would almost certainly suffer irreparable damage due to changes in the water table.


Wes Streeting MP is joining with the Association in asking Brett Tarmac to rethink their exhibition plans, giving adequate notice of at least a month and to site this within the community as they did in 2011 when a marquee was erected in the filed next to the church for this purpose.

Ron Jeffries

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