February 2015



At Redbridge Council's Regulatory Committee Meeting on Wednesday 25th February, members made it clear that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, as, although they granted planning permission to extend the filling and restoration period for another two years, Lafarge were instructed to submit - and have agreed - a detailed phasing plan for doing so within that time period. This should mean that, provided LBR monitor it, the restoration will be completed no later than 31st December 2016! A link to the full decision is available below.

At the meeting Ward Councillors Howard, Kaur-Thiara and Streeting, the London Wildlife Trust and our illustrious Chairman all spoke against the application. Simon Treacy from Lafarge was the sole voice in support.

Late in December the Association learned that the operator of Fairlop Quarry, Brett Lafarge had submitted a planning application to Redbridge Council (at the beginning of the month!) to be allowed more time to complete the restoration of the former gravel workings in Area D (formerly Aldborough Hall Farm). The permitted deadline for them doing so expired on 31st December 2014, but the company sought to prolong this until the end of 2016 citing that 'decreased activity in the construction industry during the recession significantly reduced the supply of suitable inert restoration materials'!

When this site was originally approved for gravel extraction residents were told these working would take SIX years. They have already taken TWICE that! Councillors and LBR Officers must stand firm - and they can rest assured that they will be held to account if they do not do so by the residents of Aldborough Hatch. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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